I was making a point.

Κβ χ — thanks for making your points now, it gives me something to actually respond to. When you replied to the OP with just “You have to go back”, that was not making a point. That was knee-jerk xenophobic hate mongering.

on what basis is it wrong for a deep-rooted American like myself to oppose citizenship of Europeans who have nothing but criticisms about my country?

Wrong on multiple accounts.

  • First, it violates the First Amendment head on to condemn anyone for exercising freedom of speech or right to “petition the Government for a redress of grievances”. I’m sure you know this if you only think about it.
  • Second, it disregards rule of law, since we obtained our American citizenship lawfully.
  • Third, immigrants like myself have a lot more than criticisms for this country. We have love and loyalty as well. I pay taxes, do charity work, I raise well-educated multi-lingual open-minded kids who will contribute greatly to this society. And I consider it my civic duty to call out injustices and contribute original thinking to public discourse.

I don’t see how you can justify referring to any suspicion about your entry or presence as “bigoted.”

That was a specific incident I was referring to, at Boston Logan Airport. The customs clerk stamped my passport, looked at my green card, and mumbled “You know you are breaking the law, right?” as he handed the documents back to me. He was a bigot, abusing his position to harass me. I regret not confronting him or reporting him to his superior.

It is clear by yours and the author’s words that you will not vote in ways that support the way of life and customs that I and other Americans

Now that’s just dumb.

Of course I will continue to vote Democratic, if the right puts forth moronic stooges who threaten the very “way of life” you speak of.

how would you feel if you saw a bunch of Americans writing editorials about how backwards and wrong Italy or Hungary is

They already do, and I welcome them, I see their efforts as expressions of love and loyalty, rather than staying on the sidelines with indifference.

I also don’t hold back with criticisms of my own nation’s politics when it is deserved:

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