10+1 Things That The New Medium Logo Could Be But Isn’t

clobbered together by the author
  1. A highly inaccurate yet still uncanny illustration of the phases of the Moon
  2. A home-baked emoji Medium employees have been using for years to indicate that they are Out of Office
  3. A rejected illustration for the Wikipedia article on Electromagnetic Wave Attenuation
  4. A subliminal shout-out to the unwavering fans of the early 1970s arcade video game Pong (thanks Anna)
  5. Pornographic Abstract Expressionism
  6. A very subtle hint to the poets and poetry-centric publications that their days on Medium are numbered and that cumulative earnings of that genre are asymptotically approaching zero
  7. A stylized and obfuscated Braille representation of S.O.S. planted on the homepage as a cry for help by a graphical designer held against her will at Medium headquarters
  8. A logo that would be better suited for a massive pyramid-scheme personality-cult social experiment disguising as a benevolent new writer-centric publication named Horizontal Bird Droppings
  9. An optical illusion
  10. A finalist for the New Universal Motto of Humanity contest, to replace the de facto, now obsolete "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", with the three dark ovals representing "Emptiness, Cynicism and Utter Loss of Hope for the Future"
  11. Double-O Zero: A kinder, gentler, woke, gender-fluid spy novel hero(ine), less sexist than James Bond, funnier than Austin Powers ... first movie out in theaters as soon as Covid is over!

What do you think, Clay? I remember the first time we struck up a conversation was on the heels of the last Medium logo change, back in 2017.



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