Joe Váradi

long in the tooth

with each day
more disheveled,
more uncouth

artist: Sue Coccia

by Joe Váradi

I hear the whispers
on the arctic breeze.
Am I mere fodder
for glacial gossip —
and polar sleaze?

They say I’ve gone
long in the tooth,
with each day
more disheveled,
more uncouth,

and to tell the
honest truth,
I do miss the
carefree days of
my jaunty youth

A lifetime spent
on the ice
(which I admit
is hardly

A lifetime fighting off
polar bears
and orca —
(where’s my ballad,
García Lorca?)

and as yet
could not your regard for me
be warmer and fuzzier,
at the least

Little gets me
Bring it on — I’m
nothing if not

The End



credit: HeyMaaa / Boardwalk Empire


Ubiquitous mainstays of mobster flicks
Iconic undergarment lacking sleeves
Well-suited to dispensing blows and kicks
To miscreants and shady lowlife sleaze.

A rather more unflat’ring undertone
Has led this fashion staple to be linked
With male domestic partners who are prone
To walloping their wives — let’s be succinct.

Perpetuated tropes on silver screens
Suspenders often added for pizzazz
James Caans and Cannavales, Jimmy Deans —
Accentuating upper muscle mass.

I wonder does this garb have staying power —
Or will it fall on history’s discard pile?


in the style of our king of sonnets, sappgregg

sonnets are such a fun and versatile form, here is my collection of ‘em

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