Joe Váradi

in her signature four-by-four style

El Jaleo — John Singer Sargent

Mary, our dear
feels her days on
this site near end.

She’s had a re-
markable run,
(nine fine years
ago, it begun.)

From day one, to
me She’s been a

selfless mentor,
thoughtful partner,
one fastidious
verse gard’ner.

Her four-by-four
signature style,
tightly knit and

would be lamen-
table goner …
unless we sus-
tain the genre.

Let’s join pens and
keep up this terse,
fun-shaped, bite-sized
syllabic verse.

Gauntlet cast, and
challenge stated.
We’ll keep rhyming —

read Mary’s — we trust temporary — farewell message below:

Laura, Harper, Shereen — a pile-on opportunity, perhaps?



long in the tooth

with each day
more disheveled,
more uncouth

artist: Sue Coccia

by Joe Váradi

I hear the whispers
on the arctic breeze.
Am I mere fodder
for glacial gossip —
and polar sleaze?

They say I’ve gone
long in the tooth,
with each day
more disheveled,
more uncouth,

and to tell the
honest truth,
I do miss the
carefree days of
my jaunty youth

A lifetime spent
on the ice
(which I admit
is hardly

A lifetime fighting off
polar bears
and orca —
(where’s my ballad,
García Lorca?)

and as yet
could not your regard for me
be warmer and fuzzier,
at the least

Little gets me
Bring it on — I’m
nothing if not

The End



Joe Váradi

Joe Váradi

Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"