Bebe (fyi Jack), thanks I just had a chance to read this in detail. Of the books you reference I had heard of Denton’s book. That was from over 30 yrs ago, his arguments have been debunked by molecular biologists. Interestingly he himself wrote a book over 10 yrs later Nature’s Destiny where he reverses his earlier positions, and accepts Darwinian evolution, though he still insists that a supreme “guide” had to be involved, somehow.

It is distracting, though makes for fun debate, when Christian apologists try to earn credibility for their attacks on established science by writing science-like books. What is their motivation? Either to be contratian, or to promote church dogma. Time and time again the hang-up is with humans descending from apes.

Let us all go to the zoo and marvel not at our ancestors the chimpanzees, because that is not how evolution works — let us marvel at how we shared a common primate species, some tens of millions of yrs in the past.

PS: fossil intermediates. just need to Google this, plenty of recent examples

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