Dear Linda! I can’t be sure but I believe you are referring to my essay, referenced below. If so, I appreciate that you were moved to pen your response, which makes several great points.

To be fair, I state that writers should write when and as much as they feel like. My point pertains to over-publishing, i.e. flooding this already saturated marketplace of words and ideas, for the less-than-noble purposes of garnering more likes & followers, and doing this with daily or multiple times per day pieces which are by necessity not going to be fully polished and developed.

Also, I never proscribed a specific cap on the number of times a writer should publish — that was done by one of my commenters, who happens to be a respected and prolific thought leader on Medium. It was merely a suggestion to spur further debate.

Unless you publish 2 or more daily pieces on Medium — and those folks know who they are — you are not the target of my rant.

cc Gail, nice to see you here! Please have a look and consider my perspective as well. Several well-established and respected residents of Medium have voiced their support.

Peter Browne — I like your dance like nobody is watching analogy, and I agree. The way I apply this to writing: dance (i.e. write) like nobody is watching, practice those moves day and night, but do the world a favor, if you’re going to get up on a stage and ask an audience for their time and attention (because that is what publishing is), make sure your moves are well polished and rehearsed.

Cheers, happy to continue this fascinating conversation —


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Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | the Woke Bloke ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

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