Got a Feeling ’21 Is Gonna Be a Good Year

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Got a Feeling ’21 Is Gonna Be a Good Year

You didn’t see it
You never heard it, not a word of it!
You won’t say nothing to no one
Never tell a soul
What you know is the truth

I think I may have found the anthem for our times.

A melodic, schizophrenic earworm that encapsulates the current zeitgeist.

It’s a bit of a stretch — the song was written for the 1969 psychedelic rock opera Tommy, by The Who. The titular year that the performers are hopeful about is not 2021, but 1921. Captain Walker, M.I.A. for years, has finally come home from the war, unexpectedly. He walks in on his wife and her new lover, and is killed in an altercation involving the three adults which is witnessed by the young toddler.

Tommy suffers PTSD and goes deaf, dumb and blind, comforted by hallucinatory visions — and later emerges as a pinball phenom.

So yeah, it kind of works.

The song, from the 1975 film version, with Ann-Margret as Tommy’s mother, Oliver Reed as “the Lover”. Music by Pete Townshend, Tommy voiced by Roger Daltrey.



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Joe Váradi

Joe Váradi

Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"