hey Charlotte! Thanks for reading and responding!

Zoom meets, haha, that’s what I do all day, so when it comes to pursuing writing and poetry, it is all my own individual effort. I noticed cult-like tendencies in Illuminati(on) several months ago when it first began making waves: the diabolical focus on growth growth growth; the fawning flattery of the dear leader, which seemed to be almost a requirement for the more ambitious writers like yourself to get noticed in the swirling sea of fanatics; the shameless self-promotion, the daily barrage of link-fest spams from the Dr that he has the gall to put behind the paywall, thereby enriching himself without contributing original content of his own; the taking credit for basic principles (wow, we let our writers write for other pubs), that are SOOO blatantly obvious and common sense that other editors simply don’t go around patting themselves on the back about, etc.

I write with clarity of mind and I employ satire to drive my points home, which is why the reaction to this poem has been overwhelmingly positive, including from some former Illuminati-disciples, who have since seen the light and distanced themselves from it.

“I feel sorry for you” — that is a small-minded, hateful thing to say, I will not echo it back to you. You should pursue what makes you happy.


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