hey Jack, another fun & engaging read. Pareidolia & Occam’s razor, an instant classic pairing.

Love the ‘dark pareidolia’ concept!

Franciscan friar (that is, a believing Catholic Christian, not an atheist)

I can’t resist, but to point out that there is an inherent assumption (leap of faith, if you will) made here, and as such a possible violation of Occam’s signature principle. What if (and I do mean what if) the boy entered the seminary because that is what promising, ambitious young boys of limited means (born in a small village) did in Medieval Europe? From a quick glance at his bio, he was quite a skeptic and contrarian thinker, and was sent up to the principal’s office (Avignon) at least once to defend his arguments before the papal court.

Has science made any sincere effort to prove that God does exist?

I don’t believe that is a valid starting point for scientific inquiry. Science starts with observed phenomena and aims to explain them. God is not an observed phenomenon. Now if you define God as “that thing which brought about everything we observe” … well science has made quite a bit of progress there.

Consider this:

(a) Scientists who accept the current leading-edge working theories of the Big Bang & Evolution do not reject the possibility of a grand creator, but they have no need to insert that conceptual “entity” to make these theories work.

(b) I as an atheist do not reject the possibility of a grand creator. What I am certain of, is that the God mentioned in every holy book & every prayer of earthbound humans — that God is made up. That God is a construct of human imagination. And if & when science finds evidence of the higher order entity that created our Universe, that God will be a different God than the one imagined by humans.

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