hey Jack — to quote a good friend of mine:

To explain fairy tales with fairy tales — allegory with allegory —
That don’t lead to truth and glory, — nor a spiritual promontory —

The reductionist approach to explaining all religions as one, or compatible, is just that, absurdly reductionist. It requires the leap of — pun intended — faith, to strip away & ignore all the inconvenient inconsistencies, and arrive at a super-simplistic common denominator, without the quirky rituals and idiosyncratic mythologies that endear each specific religion to its adherents in the first place.

And if you go with the: divinity is whatever you wish it to be, however you wish to see it argument, then you are acknowledging that spirituality lives only in the mind. Which is actually equivalent to the views of atheism.

Must be lonely at the top of the sacred mountain … even with all 8,000 man-made deities clamoring for a foothold.

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