hi Brandon, thanks for this thoughtful article. I must disagree on a few points, starting with what I think is your main thesis:

another corporate-backed Democrat would mean another four years of Trump

… or in other words, a candidate of any party that is wealthy and has corporate backers is automatically compromised.

This is hyperbole — Trump is dangerous not because he is wealthy and has corporate backers. Recall how his initial wave of support came from folks thinking that he is wealthy enough not to be a slave to special interest. He is dangerous because he has no firm program or ideas, his sole driver is to prop up his own brand and say & do whatever he needs to for his next dose of validation and adulation. And also because of his simplistic view of the world as winners vs. losers.

As for the Joe Kennedy speech, I thought it was decent, actually. The main take-away for me was one the rally against false choices. Salient quotes from his speech:

They are turning American life into a zero-sum game.

Where, in order for one to win, another must lose.

Where we can guarantee America’s safety if we slash our safety net. […]

We can cut taxes for corporations today if we raise them for families tomorrow.

We can take care of the sick if we sacrifice Dreamers.

We are bombarded with one false choice after another.

Coal miners or single moms. Rural communities or inner cities. […]

Eyes on the prize, Brandon — we must get rid of Trump. After Kennedy’s speech, and Oprah’s, and Gillibrand’s, I’m willing to keep listening.

also, on a lighter note:


Cheers, Joe

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Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | the Woke Bloke ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

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