hi Chandamheer — welcome to Medium, and I have to say I love your name.

I am a careful reader like you, and the type-o’s do stick out like a sore thumb in that Oak Farms post. Not only the “all off this division” (yikes) but the “self evident” in the fine print, missing the requisite hyphen.

Having said that, my reaction to your critique of their post is that by making your grievance public right away, to all of your social media followers — and as you are a self-declared influencer I assume that is quite a lot of people — (a) you escalated too quickly to a public shaming of a small company without a sophisticated PR infrastructure (b) of all the fights you could have picked, this seems like an odd choice.

Let me explain. First, in a similar situation, especially when raising a concern with the PR messaging of a former business partner or acquaintance, I would have initially asked them in private to revise their messaging, and fix their copy.

This is analogous to me finding factual or spelling errors in Medium posts. I typically opt to send a private note to the author. They are overwhelmingly appreciative of this gesture, and most of the time quickly address the issue. On the other hand, if I made a public comment, they may very well get defensive about me building up my own image and scoring some points at their expense.

Second, while their message is bland and not materially helpful, is it such trigger that they chose not “to be political”? I take this to mean that they felt compelled to put some sort of statement out there, but not proclaim their support for a more polarizing point of view, whether it be #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter. If you held a gun to my head and made me choose, I’d opt for the former, as I am more aligned with the ideology behind that slogan. But it is still just a slogan. Real change comes from the actions we take, beyond deciding which banner to stand under. And individuals as well as businesses are right to be extra cautious about navigating today’s precarious cultural landscape. And yes, sometimes that caution sometimes comes across as tone deafness, but it needn’t invite knee-jerk public shaming.

Look forward to reading more of your work.

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