How Cool Is This

my first Medium Audio story

What a treat to have the editorial team at Medium pick up my story on Kurt Vonnegut for an audio recording. It was a piece close to my heart that I nursed & tweaked for weeks, and which includes a personal anecdote from almost 20 years ago.

And what a fantastic job by the voice artist! I wish I knew who he was — would love to shake his hand, buy him a beer.

He gave the story a steady, even-paced voice. I know I have a tendency for longish sentences, bordering on run-ons — on purpose and without regret — this guy took it all in stride. Made it sound better than me reading it back to myself.

Here it is …

Written by

Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | the Woke Bloke ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

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