Life Hacks That You Won’t See in TED Lectures — №1

cereal box flap optimization

Joe Váradi 🇭🇺
1 min readDec 5, 2019
photograph by the author

Life Hack №1: Cereal Box Flap Optimization

Immediately after opening a box of cereal, always tear off one of the side flaps on the top of the box. This has two equally important benefits:

1. Given the reasonable assumption that you will create an opening on the inside plastic pouch on the same side, the missing flap will serve as a visual reminder of the optimal side on which to pour the cereal.

2.By removing the side flap, you reduce the risk that the flap will obstruct the free flow of the cereal, and further minimize the chance that the flap will recoil mid-pour at an inopportune moment, thereby catapulting a raisin or corn flake into your eyeball.

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