Maria Gonzalez (cc Leah, Chad), just saw your “Rebooting the Medium Identity”, thanks for that. Engaging with you here as I cannot comment on that article directly. The piece above was my initial reaction to the rebrand as I experienced it.

I’m sure we’ll all get used to these changes. I must say I miss the previous, folding “Möbius strip” logo, and the concept behind it (as learned through my shotgun research) was quite neat. I am curious why you say it was “difficult to adapt into many contexts”, you guys did a fine job adapting it from desktop to mobile. For what it’s worth I didn’t find it “cryptic”. Further, I notice that the previous logo is still used in push notifications. Plans to change that also? Please don’t! I wish you will consider bringing that logo back from its much-too-early retirement 🤔

ps: What do you think of my “challenge” above that the mobile icon is reminiscent of the MS Office suite? That was my first thought, the moment I spotted 😃

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