marjorie, powerful, honest writing as always

Christine Blasey Ford is a grotesque parade of female victimhood and lack of agency, right down to her SO CLEARLY being used as a political pawn

I would rate her testimony as more nuanced than that. Certainly there was some timidness, some still unprocessed trauma. But she also came across as composed, prepared, educated, self-aware, considerate, accommodating (I could be more helpful to the committee if, etc.). So again — nuanced, multi-layered.

Especially compared to Kavanaugh’s rather one-dimensional, aggressive & defiant performance, all these qualities shined through in her responses.

We all knew what happened at blackout drunk parties. In any college town.

Well yeah, and that’s incredibly sad and depressing, but in this time we actually have a better chance to educate an entire generation, of boys (and girls, but MAINLY boys by a wide margin) NOT to suppress & be ashamed of their sexual drives, but to be respectful, to be woke, to be aware of the consequences of their actions.

Hey I got thru four decades on this planet with plenty of pent up sexual frustration and without ever having assaulted or raped anyone (although I’ve said some real obtuse sexist shit), and I attribute that partly to nurture & education. So there is hope for all the other dudes. And maybe the ones who don’t get their education from their parents will get it from televised Senate hearings.

PS: one last thought — if she hadn’t testified, Kavanaugh would today be an associate SCOTUS justice.

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