oh boy, Jon, you’re gonna get a Lot of Love for this article. it’s custom crafted to attract likes:

  • the minimalist yet giant resolution cover image;
  • the enticing half-sentence title;
  • the non-controversial message masquerading as deep insight

So, let me play devil’s advocate for a sec. Jon, as your bio states, you are a high-exposure blogger. and you just used your soap box to tweet that “money does not buy happiness”. Really? Everyone from our Moms to our 3rd grade teachers to the Beatles has hammered this into our subconscious.

Yet here you are blogging about it. For reasons I stated above, you will be showered with praise & adulation for it. So I think some counterpoint is in order.

I have higher expectations of a web-celeb with your level of access, please do not squander it by writing truisms, banalities, cliches. You’re better, more original than this, Jon.

Cheers, Joe

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