Silly Animal Rhymes — The Lion and the Cheetah

The Lion

Fearless leader
is the lion,
yet for hunting
he’s reliant
on the females
of the pride.
In this he feels
flaunts his mane,
in all its glory,
to defend his
keeps intruders
well at bay,
chases rival
males away,
gets first dibs
on captured prey.
Shares his wisdom
with his scion,
“Trust me,” he roars,
“I ain’t lyin’…”

The Cheetah

No feline quite
like the cheetah,
whip you in the
hundred meter
dash, that is.
Antelopes and
zebras are no
match for his
tempo and
grace and
but when he gets
in a tussle
with a lion
now that’s trouble …
Cheetahs never win!

The End

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