thanks Dharma (I appreciate you taking the initiative 😉), I’m sure some folks with religious-spiritual leanings would embrace that notion, that the God they know/think they know is everywhere, in all things … that the Universe = God. The inherent contradiction in this is: did God then create himself? To say that God is everything is the ultimate deconstruction of divinity. It is in line with animism but a misappropriation of the Judeo-Christian idea of God as the supreme being, the overseer (just my opinion, as a layman outsider).

did you have the subjective experience of singularity of consciousness? That’s the point where it gets interesting, as it sheds the light on the origins of a lot of superstitious beliefs and weird imagery (i.e. anthropomorphisation of phenomena, allegoric cosmologies

Not sure what a singularity of consciousness is, so probably not — would love to hear your personal account. I did have a recent anthropomorphistic experience where I briefly saw the time-space continuum through the eyes of a discarded vegetable:

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