Thanks for the extended reply William.

You were good until you got to the handgun, right?

No, if you re-read you’ll see that my stomach turned during breakfast, with 10-year-olds (i.e. new NRA recruits) casually discussing gun safety.

… the NRA is the evil empire and Darth LaPierre is the lord of darkness. It’s a front for the gun companies that support it. It dares to resist the righteous calumny heaped on it by the followers of Obi-Wan Bloomberg.

I know you’re attempting sarcasm, but in fact you nailed it.

ps: if the cocaine cartels started a safe snorting PSA campaign, it would not make them public health saints

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Editor of No Crime in Rhymin' and Language Lab | the Woke Bloke ..."come for the sarcasm, stay for my soft side"

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