Thanks Michael for reading and commenting. I think this story can be taken as a multi-layer allegory. My Russian bot is not one person, not even a class of people. It is an idea, and a way to reflect on society.

In one way, the bot represents the souring and polarization of human relationships, due to divisive politics, radio hosts who peddle hate & fear, and Internet culture in general.

It can also be taken as a literal Russian bot you read about in the news — note, these aren’t immigrants, but fake online personas by hackers and paid subversives engaged in social engineering, who spread misinformation & flame discord.

Writing dialogue can be difficult, this came sort of naturally maybe because I was able to let my imagination run wild. I did spent a lot of time getting “his” accent and edgy humor right.

As for your comment on ICE, there is real reason to be more worried as an undocumented alien in America today, there is a real war going on, as seen in recent news , between ICE made to ruthlessly enforce Trump’s policies and states with large immigrant populations.

Cheers, Joe

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