Thanks Roz for linking to Rolli’s post, I hadn’t come across his work before. I have a few dozen curated pieces, non-fiction essays and poetry alike, I just went back to check and it doesn’t appear that any of them have lost their curated status.

Rolli — I have to think that it isn’t your rants against the MPP which could have caused this. Free speech is still respected here. Is it possible that some of those posts ran afoul of the Member Content Guidelines, such as the points about driving traffic to an external site, or soliciting claps or donations?

I see your recent rant has a Buy Rolli a Coffee link. I’m speculating here because I don’t see this on your formerly curated stories. But if you had this and later scrubbed it, it may be the culprit. Again, just theorizing here — if a human editor or algorithm flagged one of your stories for such a violation, and they decided to un-curate (thanks for coining this new word 😉), the decision would be final, i.e. there is no mechanism in place to re-evaluate and re-instate previously triaged stories.

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