there are a few ways to look at this — you need to be cast, before you can be typecast. starving artists don’t complain about which role they finally land or which gallery picks up their creations.

but once you build a reputation & followers — the two most precious commodities in social media, and, with a little stretch of the imagination, in life — branding does become important.

the trick is to realize that you can wear multiple hats, you can showcase your talents in different ways and on different venues.

you can be a serious heads-down company man during the day, and an eccentric vaudevillian stand-up comic at night.

publications on Medium are tremendously helpful with this — by picking the right platform each time, one writer can be a social commentary essayist, a poet, a cartoonist, etc. without diluting her or his ‘brand’

thanks for the food for thought!

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