Tom Mitchell , there is another, less egregious spelling mistake: halfway should be written as one word when used as an adverb as is the case here 😛. (wonder if resident word wizards Stella / Susan agree)

I spent 3 years living in Taiwan & China, I saw countless examples of butchered English used merely as decoration, to add an air or sophistication to anything from notebook covers to packaged foods to wedding photo albums.

Let me include a personal favorite below — took that photo back in 2002.

I would agree with your thinking, there is a 99% chance that this label was conceived & produced in China, with no English native speaking copy editor ever consulted.

Tom, purely out of curiosity, where did you snap this picture? By your spelling of recognise / neighbour / Maths — I can take a guess at where you spent your formative years 😎, but don’t want to make any assumptions.

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